Personal Training

Go Is Truly Personalized Training

FiiT House GO – a Goal-Oriented four-phase personal training program which includes nutritional guidance and InBody composition analysis. FiiT House GO gives you the challenge and complete path to success to achieve your own personal goals.

Why GO? Where most gyms can give you a workout program and personal training, FiiT House GO has filled the dietary gap within the program. You will work with a certified nutritionist that will coach you and develop a meal plan that fits your training goals. By adding in our Inbody composition analysis, we can track your progress per phase.

Our GO! Program, based on the fundamentals of Periodization – a training program that has been around since the ancient Greeks used it to prepare for the Olympic games – includes:

1. A four stage personal trainer guided program
2. A custom meal plan and a series of nutrition guidance sessions by a certified professional
3. A body health assessment from the InBody Composition Analyser at every stage

Giving you a 360° FiiT House personalized approach to hitting your individual health and fitness goals.