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We focus on simple and effective

FiiT is designed to cater to all levels of physical fitness. Our group classes and personal training sessions are performed at beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels. This ensures that whether you are just starting your fitness journey or have been at it for years, you will get the most out of your FiiT experience.

Our most important component can be found right in our name: FUNCTION

Every day, a new workout is carefully created with a specific purpose in mind. While the benefits of our system are numerous, its greatest strength lies in the deficit created. No two workouts are ever the same, and as a result, your muscular and energy systems are never able to get into a true comfort zone (this is how plateaus happen). While engaging in a FiiT session, your body is constantly forced to adapt and adjust to the new demands. The result: metabolism is elevated and calorie expenditure is increased so in a 45-minute workout you can expect to burn up to 500 calories or more.

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Our Staff

Melani Hartley / Front of House Operations

Melani was born in Vancouver, B.C. She moved to Ottawa when she was 10 years old and ever since she can remember she has had a love for sports and being active. 

She grew up playing baseball, basketball and competitive dance. Her passion for sports and physically activity has continued throughout her life and has led to a strong love for teaching children.

Melani had taught and implemented children’s fitness programs in various gyms in the city including our Fiit Kiid’s program at the HOUSE! She describes teaching as “no better feeling then being a positive role model in a child’s life”. 

Melani has also been competitively involved in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing. She qualified and competed at the OCR World Championship in 2017/ Blue Mountain, Collingwood and qualified and competed at the North American OCR Championship in 2018/Stratton Mountain, Vermont. 

You can usually find Mell at the front desk, serving  espressos to the morning crew, whipping up a mean shake and always, always making sure your FIIT EXPERIENCE is more than “just fine”. 

Jenna Lu / Trainer

Jenna has been surrounded by sports for all her life. Specifically, Taekwon-Do, soccer, and climbing have been her biggest influences so far.

Her parents met through Taekwon-Do, and they own a Taekwon-Do studio right here in Ottawa. She started practicing the art when she was just 3 years old. The Lu’s are a big family of black belts who love to teach and practice the art worldwide. Jenna’s passion is teaching self-defense because it is such an important asset to have all through-out life.

In addition to Taekwon-Do, soccer has been a huge part of Jenna’s life. She has been playing high level soccer since the age of 7.

Jenna recently retired from University varsity soccer, but continues to kick around at any chance she can get. Soccer has harvested Jenna’s drive to train hard and it has taught her to persevere through physical and mental set-backs. She loves teaching the youth technical skills that will allow them to succeed at the next level. During her down time, you can find Jenna juggling the ball and practicing freestyle tricks for fun!

Lindsay Walsh / Trainer

Lindsay was born and raised in Ottawa and for as long as she can remember, she has been a competitive athlete.

Growing up she played competitive hockey and soccer in Nepean and participated in as many sports as her she could while in school. Her friends have said “if Lindsay doesn’t know how to play a sport she’ll learn”. Lindsay’s competitive nature lead to an interest in health and fitness.

After graduating from St. Pius X high school in 2015, Lindsay got her fitness career started by getting certified as a personal trainer with Sports Performance Institute and obtaining a group instructor certification through Beachbody. In 2016, she coached and trained herself for an Ontario Physique Association Bikini -Competition. In 2017 she sought out the guidance of 3 mentors shadowing their work for the summer, learning about functional training, recognizing and addressing postural imbalances, and designing and implementing programs to help people achieve their goals. Through her experience in the fitness industry she has experienced designing and implementing programs for children, youth, sports teams, and adults.

Laura Bianconi / Trainer

Born and raised in Ottawa, Laura-Marie has been a passionate athlete for as long as she can remember.

While studying Psychology at Carleton University, she continued on her love of sports by playing for the varsity hockey team. After graduating, Laura-Marie was eager to transform her passion for health and fitness into a career. For 5 years she took on different fitness and recreational roles like soccer instructor, hockey instructor, and camp/sports coordinator, before becoming apart of the Fiithouse team in 2016. She is now one of our main personal trainers and class instructors, while also playing a key role in our Off-Ice hockey development program.

Laura-Marie is a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer and is currently furthering her expertise through the NSCA where is working towards her Strength and Conditioning Certification. When she’s not at the Fiithouse, she can be found playing intermediate/ senior A. hockey and competitive ball hockey.

Jamie Lee Moir / Trainer

Jamie holds a diploma in Health and Fitness Promotion from Algonquin College and is SPI (Sports Performance Institute) certified.

She played competitive ringette, and is currently a sponsored SUP (Stand Up Paddle) athlete, ranking an impressive second place in Ontario last season. She has competed in over 15 obstacle races, most impressively completing the Spartan Trifecta.

Jamie has over 7 years of working experience as a personal trainer in the fitness industry, with 2 years at the Ottawa Athletic Club and 5 years at Greco. She also worked as an athletic conditioning intern with the Ottawa Sports Performance Centre.

Jamie specializes in developing fitness programs for individuals, as well as group sessions. Her clientele varies across the fitness spectrum, including everything from seniors rehabilitating from surgical procedures, to elite-level competing athletes. Her dynamic nature enables her to develop and carry out effective programs for all fitness goals.

Quinn Fortier / Trainer

Quinn has been in love with fitness ever since he was the subject of a study on weight loss for overweight teens.

Now he is on rout to graduate with honors from the Massage Therapy program at Algonquin College in the summer of 2020. He is a certified personal trainer with a comprehensive knowledge on anatomy and remedial exercise. He has completed his Functional Range conditioning (FRC) Certification in 2019, and Neuro Kinetic Therapy (NKT) Level 1 Certification in 2018. 

Quinn’s passions include crushing work outs at Fiit house since 2018, learning and developing new skills involving the body, and yoga. Quinn also enjoys cooking a variety of different foods and of course eating. 

Scott Laframbroise / Trainer

Scott holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa and is a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer.

Scott’s entered the fitness world through sports, participating in as many sports as possible and eventually becoming a competitive soccer player for the University of Ottawa’s Men’s Team. He began in the weight room at the age of 13 and hasn’t looked back since.

Scott has just over 1 year of experience as a Personal Trainer and Group Instructor, working in several government worksite fitness centres around the City of Ottawa, as well as being an assistant coach for his high school soccer team. You can find him reflecting his high level of energy onto our members. He is loud, proud, and will push you to find limits you didn’t even know you had. 

Scott likes to focus on three things. 1: Building a very solid foundation from which any movements can be performed, with proper mobility, stability, and strength.2: Providing a great challenge that will keep you coming back. 3: Having the most fun possible while achieving both 1 and 2. His clientele has varied from people looking to get back into their old habits of training hard, to experienced individuals looking to improve their mobility/foundation, and more! He is here for whatever YOU need. All he asks for… is one more rep.

Connor Roth / Front of House

Connor’s passion for fitness started at an early age playing as many sports as possible growing up in Nepean.

Connor continued his interest in sports playing Junior hockey and playing for the Carleton Tennis team while getting his Bachelors of Business with a concentration in Finance. 

Connor has gained experience in the fitness industry as a camp counsellor, tennis instructor and hockey coach. His recent passion for weight training and a love for teaching/coaching made it an easy decision to become a trainer. You can find Connor in class making sure you are getting the most out of your workout by challenging you but always making sure you are having fun too!

Arianna Bassi / Front of House

Arianna is a well rounded individual who has been involved in the fitness world for years!

Growing up playing competitive soccer and many other sports, Arianna accomplished playing varsity soccer at Algonquin College. Her experience playing sports at an elite level and working closely with a team has helped her develop skills to further her knowledge and allow her to coach youth soccer. 

Arianna continues to display her excellent teamwork skills and passion for fitness and has brought them to the front desk team here at Fiit!  

If you don’t see her in class or at the front desk, keep an eye out for her in the sky as she enjoys travelling and seeing the world! 

Ashley Ross / Front of House 

Ashley has always loved being active and taking part in sports.

She started dance and soccer when she was 4 years old and was on the school swim team in middle school.  After her concussion in the eighth grade she stopped playing sports and came to FiiT two years later to start being active again. Ashley fell in love with the gym and the classes FiiT House has to offer and became part of our energy exchange program as soon as she could. She is now part of our front desk family and is one of the friendly faces you will see when you walk through our door. Ashley is currently working towards her diploma at St. Mother Teresa High School but always makes time for fitness and health. 

Meg Connolly / Front of House

You will most likely catch Meghan behind the front desk chatting away to members while serving up a mean espresso before your beloved 6am FiiT House class.

Meghan has been with FiiT House since it opened it’s doors back in 2016. She comes and goes throughout the year and then sticks with us all summer long until she heads back to St.FX University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia every September. Meghan is heading into her 4th year and completing a BaSC degree in Health science with a concentration in biomedical science. Meghan is then hoping to pursue an MBA at Dalhousie University in January of 2021. Needless to say, she loves being a student.

Growing up in the world of Irish Dance, Meghan turned to HIIT training when she was 15 years old to stay lean and in shape for competitions. From there she volunteered as a ‘Karma’ girl to be able to gain experience in the world of boutique gyms and be able to work out as much as she could. 6 years later and Meghan has gained experience on both the front end and back end of the business under the wing of John Robinson.

Bri Wolfe / Front of House 

Soon To Be RMT, Bri has a passion for helping people and fitness. 

Bri is currently in her senior year of the Massage Therapy Program at Algonquin College. Throughout her life, she has played a variety of different sports and currently plays competitive broomball across Canada. She also is the type of person who is optimistic and up for anything. Her adventurous personality has brought her to enjoy many outdoor activities in her home town of Monkland such as four-wheeling, hiking, skidooing, snowshoeing and tubing.

Starting off as a member at Fiit House, she fell in love with the Fiit fam and high energy classes. Bri is all about being a part of and contributing to the positive atmosphere. Her goal is to bring her cheerful personality and drive to make members happy and every experience at Fiit memorable one.

Trevor McBain / Trainer

Athletics have formed the basis of Trevor’s fitness approach.

A life long athlete and member of the community, Trevor played hockey and lacrosse at the highest levels in Nepean until the age of 18. Trevor’s sports career and drive to challenge himself are what led him to a passion in fitness and a desire to share that passion with others. As a FiiT House class instructor, Trevor is devoted to delivering high-energy, good vibes, and plenty of enthusiasm every single class.

“I’m dedicated to making a positive and genuine impact on each and every individual who walks through the doors at FiiT House. Motivating others to be the best version of themselves and making sure they have a great time while doing so is my ultimate goal. Come check out one of my classes and you’ll see what I’m talking about!”

Dalia Zelayandia / Front of House

Dalia has a passion for weightlifting and HIIT style training thanks to FiiT House.

Growing up, Dalia played soccer and boxing, but quickly lost interest and spent most of her teenage years being inactive– she knew that something had to be done. After a year of practicing HIIT style workouts at home, she knew she needed a challenge and was looking to apply at gyms.  Without any prior awareness of its existence, FiiT House was the perfect place.

“I was embraced and welcomed from the very start! The community and encouragement is something that I have felt from the very start”. Dalia has been able to sustain her progress and now has a love and passion for weightlifting and HIIT style training thanks to FiiT House.

Nic Curcio / Social Media Coordinator

“ Before finding FIIT, I had tried every gym in the city and I wasn’t able to find the right fit for me.”

I was repeatedly hitting plateaus, and never got the results I wanted. After my first class at the House’, I was hooked. I was able to challenge myself in every workout while being surrounded with staff and members who actually cared about me. After 3 months of daily 6am classes, many shots of espresso, 20 lbs lost, and countless corrections of form (thanks to Coach Muldoon, Laura, and Jamie), I had finally found the missing piece to the puzzle: FiiT House. When I was presented with the opportunity to work behind the front desk, I took the position without hesitation. Ever since then, I have been able to learn, sweat, and do what I love. I walk in to every shift excited to work.”

John Robinson / Founder

“FiiT is the kind of gym I wanted to be a part of, but couldn’t find.”

As founder of FiiT House, John combined his entrepreneurial skills as founder of Intega IT – a boutique IT managed services company in Ottawa – with his love for fitness and health. Bringing the same theory that boutique, one-to-one client relationships foster a fun and positive environment for success, John set forth on creating a convenient and dynamic facility for fitness that merged with what he knew were the busy schedules of people just like him.

“We all want to set time aside for exercise and fitness, but it can be hard when you’re a working professional with a family. I wanted Fiit House to be a gym that people looked forward to going to because of our community, our programming, convenience, and the concierge approach to our clients.”